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Travel Management



In travel module Wallet HR has provided very informative charts as part of the dashboard where the number of people actually on travel. Number of people who have and have not submitted the claims can be viewed department or by any other attribute effortlessly. Amount so far claimed is shown in the classification of expenses as pie chart for a quick reference. Status of travel plan and expense approval is available to an employee on the dashboard to facilitate any follow-up.

Claim Screen

Travel can be managed through a separate workflow where an employee can request for travel with advance & can be approved by the manager. On approval the work flow moves to ticketing & finance for booking tickets & releasing the requested advance. After travel is completed an employee is expected to provide details of expenses as part of settlement.

Settlement Screen

In travel module if the expense head is above the limit set for the grade, the work flow moves to the next manager for approval & from their moves to finance for settlement. All the finance related entries can be integrated to SAP or any other financial accounting system. The module has the provision for domestic & international travel where the system handles multiple currencies. Various MIS pertaining to travel can be generated.

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