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Rules Engine

Wallet HR is a comprehensive and universal payroll software with multi-currency option. Any country’s payroll can be configured on the fly without any customisation.

One of the best payroll software that you can ever experience is Wallet HR. No other software can probably boast of configuring the payroll, however complex it may be, in four easy steps. Wallet HR is probably the only software of its kind where the end-user need not bother to manually configure the statutory requirements pertaining to PF, ESI, Professional tax and Income tax. Single click does it all.

Wallet HR rules engine is so powerful that any type of formula for any component can be configured at ease.

Data Wizard

Wallet HR is probably the best when it comes to manage the audit requirements pertaining to master and transaction components that are required in the payroll system. Every master and transaction component changes are captured and reported whenever there is an audit. Complete configuration document is managed within the application where the stake holder has complete information on how the software is configured. An organisation need not worry when a payroll person is replaced – information is in the document and not with the employee. Wallet HR has all the user friendly features that make it interesting to work on the application. Wallet HR will never be out dated since the changes can be effected by the user without the dependence on the vendor and on the technology front Wallet HR is always up to date

Every new technology introduction is updated immediately so that the users never need to worry about the technology obsolescence.

Payroll module is tightly integrated to all the HR modules of Wallet HR. All the latest statutory changes pertaining to PF, ESI, PTax and Income tax gets updated periodically. Form 16 Part A and Part B can be digitally signed. S & E Act and Factories Act related forms are in-built in the application. When it comes to reporting, Wallet HR is at its best, where the end-user would be able to generate as many reports on the fly. Many charts are provided to have quick pictorial information. Wallet HR is not just payroll software. It is much above.

Wallet HR, the powerful payroll software, comes with a dynamic report engine where the defined data can be exported for any condition for any period with atmost ease.

There is no need to depend on IT person or no need to have IT knowledge to generate any report from Wallet HR.


Wallet HR, the powerful payroll software, has different pre default templates are already available where the user can choose the one of his choice or go ahead and create a new design with the required fields. Payslip would be generated in PDF and can be password protected.

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