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Schedule Calendar

Training needs of an organization can be modified through the performance appraisal system. Based on the requirements from the performance management system, training calendar can be set for different position and people in the organization. The training schedule can have the name of the program, the faculty details and the venue with the number of participants that can be registered.


Employee can register for the training program through the calendar by looking into the details. Only those trainings pertaining to the employee would be populated in the calendar. Depending on the availability of the seats employee can register to the training program.

Manager Nomination

Those organizations where there is need for an employee to be nominated by manager as part of policy. Such programs can be nominated by the managers by selecting the employees from his team.

  • 1. Training effectiveness can be monitored by conducting test at periodical intervals for the training program. The questions and answers can be dynamically created for the different topics.
  • 2. Feedback form needs to be filled in by an employee on the training program. HR can record the costs pertaining to every training program and compare it with the available project.
  • 3. Various reports pertaining to the training management can be generated by the respective stake holders.

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