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Performance Appraisal



Performance management in Wallet HR is very dynamic and has different methods that are being adopted by various organisations. Performance can be evaluated on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis and these periods can vary from department to department in an organisation. Any number of KRAs and Competencies can be dynamically created. Ratings can be by self/Manager/Reviewer. Increments, promotions and training recommendations can be entered by the manager. The module has a powerful dashboard for the HR managers to know the status of appraisal.

Ratings completed in respect of employees and reviews completed in respect of managers and reviewers shown graphically for quick analysis. Number od completed appraisals can also be seen.

Associate Rating

In appraisal module if the self rating is enabled in the system employees can do their self rating based on the KRA set for the employees , these KRA’s can also be different across the same financial year.

Manager Rating

On completion of rating by employee the work flow moves to the manager through an appropriate email notification. Manager can agree on the rating given by an employee with the fact provided or can change the rating as he decided or justification for the rating with suggestions for increment, promotions and training recommendations.

Bell curve and other charts can be generated. A 360 degree feedback can also be done within and outside the system.

Reviewer Rating

The ratings given by the immediate line manager would be forwarded to the Reviewer for comments and approval. Reviewer can edit the ratings given by the line manager and change the recommendations as well. The appraisal work flow gets completed on reviewer rating.

Various MIS at different level can be generated which can also be seen in different type of charts.

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