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My Course

This tool enables an employee to learn the allotted content through the PDF, PPT or any video file. Dynamic question templates with various degree of complexity and time limit can be set by the L&D team for different groups of employees. Different courses practice test paper & certification test can be assigned for employees while making some of the courses & tests as mandatory. Completion time for courses can also be set.

Career Course

Employee can take the test after learning a desired topic & get to know his scores instantly & can download the course completion certificate. The application also has the option to record the video of the employee while taking certification test which will be stored in the repository for the team to view the recorded content at leisure to ensure the tests are indeed taken by the employee.

Employee Course details

MIS can be generated based on the data captured. An employee can view his career path & understand the courses he has to complete with the grade to move to the next position in the organisation. Further customisations can be done to incorporate any specific requirements of the client.

Crystal can help the L&D team to prepare the content of their choice.

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