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HR Analytics



HR analytics is one of the richest modules of Wallet HR where the core HR, attendance and payroll data can be viewed at the macro level by the management. The data can also be seen in charts and can be drilled down to micro level if required. The data can be compared between months, quarter, half-year and annual.

Employee Count

Wallet HR analytics is the backbone of any organisation. Wallet HR analytics tool scans through tonnes of data to give meaningful information to take appropriate decision at right time. Success of a tool is only as good as its speed and dimensions. Information has to be fast in this competitive world. Wallet HR analytics uses innovative proprietary technology that enable the user to cut through the relevant data in a split of a minute.

Salary Distribution

Analytics pertaining to employee count, attrition, employee costs, etc can be viewed on a click of a button. The data can be viewed in multiple dimensions. Various attributes available in the employee master can be used for the dimensions in the analytics.

The uniqueness of this module is that the entire HR data cutting across all the HR modules can be analysed in a split of a minute when it matters most.

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