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Mobile Applications

At Crystal we develop applications for Android devices. We have a dedicated team of SDK developers for developing Android based applications. We have the capability to develop Mobile applications with multiple database connectivities.

We have successfully developed a mobile utility that syncs with the desktop application. Data can either be transferred wirelessly from a PC through wifi (within the range) or remotely through static IP or through web server or manually through USB port depending on the application requirements.

Smart phones have become order of the day. Going by the recent survey, most of the urban population would be moving over to smart phones within the next two years. Under this scenario, there is an urgent need for the organisations to move to mobile application development. We at Crystal - Chennai, India, has understood this need and has a dedicated mobile application development team to develop Android and iPhone applications. Crystal – Chennai, India, has developed various Android based business applications for managing organisation’s Attendance management, HR dashboard and CRM. Crystal has developed one of the most popular scheduler for managing appointments.

We would be able to extend mobile platform to any legacy system. We can understand your existing web or client based application and bring in mobile enabled features using your current database. We have the capability to develop mobile extension to almost any of your existing system. Some of the applications that comes under this criteria are inventory, CRM, Sales, AR, AP and Production modules. We can work closely with any other development team to ensure that the knowledge is transferred appropriately to deliver mobile app.

We at Crystal, Chennai, India has the required knowledge to integrate with various devices and use the GPS effectively to deliver GPS enabled mobile applications. Mobile application development is one of the major initiative of Crystal be it android based or iphone based.

We also develop mobile applications in J2ME platform.

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